The relationship a client forms with an attorney, when that client is faced with a situation that requires not only the skill of a litigator but also and of utmost importance the working relationship founded on understanding and care for the individual client's needs, can and does make a difficult legal matter much easier to handle by the client.

The Law Firm of Edward R. Wiercinski treats all clients and their legal matters with the highest level of respect. Edward R. Wiercinski personally responds to all contacts with the firm within twenty-four hours. The relationship of the Law Firm of Edward R. Wiercinski with all clients is: with all cases aggressively handled to conclusion through negotiated resolution or litigation by Edward R. Wiercinski, Esquire. Your matter will not be handed over to an associate after the initial consultation.

It is based on the level of experience and the empathetic handling of client's sensitive, emotional and many times life altering legal matters by Edward R. Wiercinski, Esquire individually that compels clients to continue to refer others to choose legal representation by Edward R. Wiercinski, Attorney at Law.

If you are overwhelmed by debt, fear the telephone when it rings, cannot open your mail without fearing further law suits and threats for collection, wage executions, threats to repossess your car, and/or notice of pending foreclosure on your home, You want a bankruptcy attorney who will protect your rights and allow you to once again feel as if the overwhelming burden of debt has been taken off your shoulders. If you are facing the difficult decisions involved in separation and/or divorce, it is comforting to work with a family law attorney who is empathetic as well as experienced. When you have been charged with a serious crime, you want an experienced attorney who is a good negotiator. Should you ever find yourself facing DUI charges, you would need an attorney who is responsive and experienced in both criminal and traffic court. If you've been seriously injured, you need someone who can give you a realistic assessment of your chances for a significant settlement. For those reasons and more, clients have chosen to work with Edward Wiercinski Attorney at Law.



In my role as a bankruptcy attorney I will get you the relief from overwhelming debt that is your Federal right, allowing you once again to live your economic life without the unending threats of repossession of your car, foreclosure on your home, wage executions, and bank levy’s on your accounts. In my role as a New Jersey family law and divorce lawyer, I concentrate on understanding all of the family dynamics and finding a workable solution for everyone involved. In my role as a criminal defense and trial attorney, I concentrate on mounting a vigorous defense resulting in acquittal if possible, or minimizing of fines, penalties and jail time if conviction is inevitable. As a Municipal Court attorney, I concentrate on mounting a vigorous defense on all traffic ticket matters, DUI and minor criminal offenses to eliminate or minimize any potential loss of driving privileges. In my role as a personal injury attorney, I strive to attain monetary awards which will compensate you, the client, for medical expenses and pain and suffering.